Executive Board Members

Hiroyuki Kumagai
Hiroyoshi Konno
Yasuyuki Nishioka
Osamu Horimizu
Keiji Mitsuyuki
Kazuo Miyazawa
Atsushi Morita
Yasutaka Koga

Steering Committee Members

steering members


Business Cooperation Committee

This committee works on the development of business scenarios dealt in the business scenario WG.
The committee members consist of facilitators of each business scenario, and deal with topics such as alignment of scopes among WGs and launch of new WGs.

Standard Model Committee

This committee works on the development of the “loose standard”. The Thing/Object reference model WG, the Information reference model WG, the activity reference model WG and the data reference model WG develop their respective models based on the contents from real business cases.

Platform Committee

This committee promotes IVI platforms by providing requirements and evaluating any candidates whch is proposed by platformers. Platform working groups (PF-WG) are organized for each segment of information exchange environment.Then PF-WG manages a platform that will be used by collaboration scenarion WGs.

Component Committee

This committee evaluates components of IVI platform, which consists of Devices, Tools, Applications and Infrastructure. These component supplisers are not only the IVI member companies, but also all valuable software/hardware vendors in the world.

Publicity Committee

This committee works on the development of the policies and concrete plans required for external communication about IVI activities as well as the development of the contents and framework for information sharing with external groups.


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